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Ah, glad you’re here! Meet that team that’s committed to your goals & success on social media!

Olivia Crane

Owner & Founder

Olivia never wanted to be an entrepreneur. With a background in sales & account management she dreamt of working her way up the corporate ladder. Being introduced to an opportunity in 2016 opened her eyes to the possibility of doing her own thing. Now, with years of experience in growing brands on social media, Olivia supports hundreds of entrepreneurs in achieving their goals and being unapologetically ambitious through the power of social media.

Lydia Reid

Social Media Manager

Lydia grew up in CBS, NL and is a MUN student pursuing her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a minor in Psychology. ​Lydia found a love for spin classes and is a spin instructor at Bespoke Cycle. When she is not busy working or in school, Lydia loves to travel and has been to North & South America, Europe & Asia. Lydia has pursued a Marketing concentration in her degree program after developing a love for social media marketing and helping people navigate the online marketing world.